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DCU NO CREDIT Data Point Share

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DCU NO CREDIT Data Point Share

I'm on these boards usually in the rebuild section but I was asked by my Godsister to help her purchase her first car. Came to the trusty boards and this is where we ended:


About her:


No credit - No Score - No Cosigner

$1,600 income


About the car:

2012 Nissan Altima

$9,500 Base cost

$10,775 Out the door

$12,500 value


Finance Terms:


$9,500 Approved

$3,000 Planned Down Payment



$8,620 Loan

$2,155 Down payment


65 Months

6.24% Interest rate

$157 a month payment


Car Insurance:

2 cars (nissan + jalopy), 2 drivers with more than basic liability, comp/collision $120 a month

Starting Scores: September 2015 minus 500 across the board
Current Scores: October 2017 EQ: 715 TU: 710 EX: 716
In My Wallet:
Cap1 QS: $4.8K - AMEX BCP: $4.2K - Old Navy Visa: $7K - Nordstrom $3.8K - VS $500 (FTW!)
BofA AU: $12K AMEX AU: $25K
Business: AMEX BCP $15K
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Re: DCU NO CREDIT Data Point Share

Congratulations to her


Question for you: Did they require her to show proof of income (W2s, pay stubs, bank statements, etc)? Thanks in advance

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Re: DCU NO CREDIT Data Point Share


Starting Score: 491 Across the board (1/24/18)
Current Score: TU 623 EQ 639 EX 659 (2-23-18)
Goal: 669 then 700 club across the board
Inquiries: TU 17/EQ 22 /EX 23
Gardening 2/23/18 to Dec 2019?


Current Scores: 2\25\2018 TU 684 EQ 638 EX 659

3\11\18 TU 669 EQ 640 EX 636
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