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Mine was before direct deposit. 2.74% after.


Had called back a couple of times. Each time I had asked what would qualify as direct deposit (and amounts), and the reps all stated the system checks for a payroll deposit, and that they communicate with payroll to determine the full amount the paycheck should be. They require the full paycheck to be deposited.

Has anyone had any experience to the contrary? It won't be much an issue for me as I planned to move away from my old brick/mortar bank completely at some point, but checking nonetheless.

WOW! That's weird many people, at least for me, have multiple accounts that they deposit money from their checks. For instance I send a small amount to my son's saving which will be his graduation gift, so if the DCU CSR is right a customer would not be able to do other deposits in order to get the discount. Definitely odd. 

Yeah, it seemed odd to me as well. With one of the reps, I explained that I currently have payroll splitting my check between my primary (the brick/mortar), and accounts that serve as savings and bills (shared phone bill, etc.). At the very least, he said that I could do that on their end with their ach transfer options.


Another random tidbit I forgot to mention; the 80% financing was due to my thin credit file and no previous auto loan. Non-negotiable the last rep told me. It did come across that the $18k could be negotiated, and I may call again to confirm that as well as a couple other questions that I've come up with since. Regardless, $18k and 20% down payment is more than enough for the vehicles I'm currently looking at.

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I only get partial deposits to my DCU account but when I login and go to Account Manager > Inbox > Home it says "You are currently receiving valuable Relationship Checking benefits including" 


However, the strange thing is for a while in my Loan Suite it was showing prequalified for an auto loan at the lowest advertized rate (shown at: ) but recently it's been showing prequalified at 0.50 % above those rates.


My direct deposit is done through ADP.

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I wonder if rates are going up?
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How to I find out that FICO 5 score that DCU uses?

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@jimdandy87 wrote:

How to I find out that FICO 5 score that DCU uses?

You can pull your scores by purchasing a 3B report from here.

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Thank you. And since I'm pulling it, buying that report will not affect my score, correct?

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I applied for DCU last week and was instantly approved for 50K auto loan, 5K Credit Card, 5K personal loan. No income verfiication required. Only document requested was via email, they wanted to see vehicle purchase order and offered to finance up to 120% of LTV. Loan officer called me to ask how would I prefer to have my personal loan funds disbursed.


I am HAPPY with DCU already!!

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I just applied last night for an auto loan with DCU online thanks to all the info i found on this forum, hopefully will get a call later today.


The car im looking to purchase cost $12,485 and i plan to put $500 down do you think i got any chance of getting the loan?


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my fico 5 score EQ is 668


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I think you have a good chance. How did it go?

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Just to confirm on this thread,

DCU membership is no HP
Auto loan is a EQ Mortage 5 HP
HP for auto loan can be used for CC

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