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Denied... FICO's are all over 680 No negatives

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Re: Denied... FICO's are all over 680 No negatives

Noticed company called in comments - seriously, I've used them twice and love the ability to actually choose from the rates they provided.  Good results and would recommend to friends (which I have).

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Re: Denied... FICO's are all over 680 No negatives

andyaycw wrote:

Cass, while you do show perfect payment history, the dealership might be concerned about the fact that have no evidence of handling a high limit revolving card or installment loan. This is particularly true if the ONLY reason they cited on your denial was limited credit history.


With 4 years of perfect payment history and 2% utilization, I'm curious why your scores aren't higher. I would expect to see scores higher than 740. Have you opened any accounts in the last year? Inquiries in the last year? Too many accounts with balances?


I recently checked my FICOs from TU and EQ. I'm also at a 4 year history and was at TU 741 and EQ 737. I had seven accounts reporting with a balance so I'm sure I lost some points there. I also had credit pulled from a car dealership, which pegged me at an auto-FICO of TU 744 and EX 782. That was enough to qualify me for 0% financing.


How much of a down-payment are you looking to put down? Perhaps that would help ease the car dealership's concerns a bit.

exactly what I was going to say. I have about 4 years history with perfect history and a terrible dti (student loans) and my scores are all about 730-750. Definately not being honest about something.

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