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Do Auto Enhance scores apply to RV's?

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Do Auto Enhance scores apply to RV's?

We would like to get an RV (trailer). Do Auto Enhanced scores apply to RV's?

Fako's are
TU 625
EX 601
EQ 545 (they have not updated yet)

However, our car loan history is BK, no lates, nothing. They have all been paid off with no baddies.

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Re: Do Auto Enhance scores apply to RV's?

I dont think so I went in yesterday and they pulled EQ (when they told me they did EX) and i was approved for American Gen (ahh no thanks) because the score was 617... He told me that if Id had a 700 or close to my payment would be 316 for a 30year 7.5APR but AMERICAN GEN was 758 19% for five year.. I said I think I'll pass... i would never have made that judgement call 2 years ago before finding this BB. I would have just took the subprime, because I know I can pay it.
6/9/08 FICO TU 697 EX698 EQ 618uti 6% (once new accounts hit) BIZ- DUNS 80, EX 35
GOAL 2008- 700s+ new car
2010 BE a first time buyer
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