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Do I have a chance?

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Do I have a chance?

I'm just out of college(with a job) & have been slowly repairing my teenage mistakes. I have paid back everything except my college loan & one defaulted card that I'm making payments on. My car is 13 years old & dying. My current score is 591. With around $3500-$4000 in a down payment & trade in and a co-signer with good credit, do I stand a shot at getting a loan for around $17000 to cover the rest of the car & taxes?!
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Re: Do I have a chance?

In short YES. With a 20% down payment and a strong cosigner then a dealer should have no problem working out a deal for you. In most cases we advise securing financing before you go to the dealership. With your challenges (new job / past history) I think just letting the dealer handle it is best. Most large dealers have a special financing manager that deals with credit challenges. Call a few in your area and speak with them before showing up. I'm sure you'll get a good feeling from at least one.

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