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E xperian FICO 8 AUTO SCORE 670

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E xperian FICO 8 AUTO SCORE 670

I bought my credit report from E xperian. It shows EX 645, Eq 641, TU 637 with 670 FICO AUTO 8. All my accounts and balances match my Credit Karma report. So it looks accurate. But wondering how reliable the 670 FICO AUTO 8 score is.
myFICO starting TU 683 8/26/11
myFICO starting EQ 645 8/26/11
myFICO EQ 652 9/26
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Re: E xperian FICO 8 AUTO SCORE 670

If you bought the score from Experian it should be accurate.  I have found it best to buy my scores here so I can get all three and all of the major versions.  

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