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(EDIT) New vehicle sooner than we thought...

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Re: (EDIT) New vehicle sooner than we thought...

Our 2006 Town and Country was the most practical vehicle we have ever owned.  Sedans with kids are a real pita especially trying to work around car seats etc.  Also the automatic doors are a blessing.  You have 3 kids, a shopping cart and a stroller and it is raining.  With the auto doors, all the sides and the trunk fly open, park the cart under the rear hatch, the mobile kids jump in the car, pop the car seat off the stroller into the seat base, hit the button on the stroller, chunk in the back and unload the groceries under the hatch out of the rain.  Do this one time and you will turn into a mini-van convert.  The stow and go is the greatest invention ever.  Wish our Yukon had this feature as the seats fold, but you get next to no useable space.  In the mini-van, all the seats fold flat into the floor.  We've carried sofas, mattresses, fenc panels etc. all inside the van.  When we travel, we use the space where the seats stow as additional packing space.  Finally, the entertainment options were a god send.  Kids wore the wireless headphones and watched movies etc.  We could listen to whatever we wanted up front.  Everyone happy.


Shellie wrote:

So now it's time to buy.  Called my bank Monday and he said go get whatever.  I told him I wanted to but around $20-21k..  They don't report so I wont take a hit on my UTL.  And he isn't even going to pull my credit so no new INQ.


BUT it's 7.5%.  He said that's what rate everyone gets.


Or attempt DCU.  My EQ is 656 right now.  They give that 1.24% to 675 and over.  I would qualify for 4.something%


So torn!! Not to mention what to buy.  I have several internal debates going on right now!  Haha.  Taurus is a great car and a good deal but I have a 13, 11 and 2 yo.  Hubs like the Dodge Caravan with the Swivel 'N Go seating.  I am so NOT a minivan fan.  GAG!  Haha.  I know it's practical tho.


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