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EQ 650 Auto loan

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EQ 650 Auto loan

I have been using this site for sometime and it has been very helpful. But here is my first post:


I recently relocated and looking to buy a car (dont have one now). Im thinking of apply for Chase or Capital one and wanted some feedback.




Scores: EQ 650, EX 609 , TU 719

1 bad credit card when i was 18 (5years ago), but now paid in full.

Capital one Platinum 750 CL, at $93

Chase Sapphire Preffered CL $6,000 at $200


And student loans at about 13k.


Where should I apply for auto loan from? Looking to get about 27k. 


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Re: EQ 650 Auto loan

I think with a 650 score capital one should be fine for you to apply for. I would recommend going to the dealership and choosing a vehicle first and see if maybe you could get a low interest rate from a local credit union. Your interest rate would probably depend on the vehicle and the amount of money you put down.

Transunion 698
Equifax 713
Experian 700
Goal Score 750
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