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First car loan...

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Re: First car loan...

I'm shopping still and everytime I say what I'm getting I just get this look of, "really? thats what your getting?" I'm getting a 2012 Camaro, haha.

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Re: First car loan...

aj-crognale wrote:

I got approved today at 3.24 percent with $7,000 down. They pulled my lowest credit score (EQ 710) and it's for a 5 year loan. I got the loan though GTE Federal Credit Union. I live right outside of Tampa, Florida if anybody searches this and see's it.


Thanks for the comments everyone.

Congrats, my fellow Floridian! 


I'm in Tallahassee for college right now, I was also looking to get a new car sometime in the near future. You've given me a bit of hope! I don't make as much as you, though...but I've been at my job for almost a year here in a few months so I'm hoping to get a decent raise and try and get a loan through the FSU Credit Union (have a pretty good relationship with them). My credit scores are very similar to yours, only with slightly less history. 


Enjoy your new wheels! 

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Re: First car loan...

Welcome to the camaro gen 5 club! Say high at the camaro5 site. I drive a 2011 LT Auto I got for 21k with 8000 miles on it. CMG color. 22000 out the door. 2.3% Your gona love your ride. Watch out for the left blind spot, and careful cause even the v6 has 323 horse power and gets to 60 in under 6 seconds. Very easy to get in trouble Smiley Wink
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