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For the love of god man lol

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For the love of god man lol

Hopefully this is the last stride because jesus. So i almost got the dang car today but issues came about because im 1099 full time. I lost all hope till I found out I could call the credit union at the dealership with the 24/7 number. I was almost home freaking free...UNTIL these people now wanna INSPECT THE CAR because of the carfax previous owner got into a “major accident” despite the car literally having no issues when i drove it, been inspected by the dealership, and the dealership themselves saying they worked with the CU im at exclusively and this is a first time hearing something like that.

What the hell man lmao Its like one after another. But see im not sure if the BRANCH itself wants to see it or the guy at some different department who i talked to was just bsing me.

Carfax says something completely different lol but apparently because airbags were deployed its a major accident or something
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Re: For the love of god man lol

I guess I would be concerned too about a "major accident".

Hope everything turns out well. Good luck.
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Re: For the love of god man lol

Airbags deploy at an equivalent of hitting a wall going about 15 mph. They probably want to make sure everything is fine before paying for it. I used to work in auto loss mitigation and a lot of people who end up having issues with their cars, not enough to qualify for a lemon law, end up defaulting because the repair costs are too much or they feel they shouldn't have to pay for a car that they believe is a lemon or had hidden damage. Your credit union us probably trying to avoid that type of scenario.

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Re: For the love of god man lol

Are you certain you still want this car with the new info regarding a major accident? The lender may be doing you a favor. Maybe a different car would be better for you. Did you have a PPI?

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Re: For the love of god man lol

 Very few lenders will approve loans for private party purchases and 3rd party used dealerships because of repaired salvage titled cars.


 V6 Mustangs especially are ubiquitous: IE you should be able to find another one the same color, same options quite easily. If it has to be used consider CPO (Certified Pre Owned).


 CarMax and TrueCar will have them as well.


 The process will be much smoother and neither car you are 1099.  I am 1099 and recently out of bankrupcy was approved by CarMax.



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