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Ford Credit loan after previous repo with Ford Credit

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Ford Credit loan after previous repo with Ford Credit

I am looking at buying a 2018 F150 before the end of the year.


FMC has 0% for up to 72 months.  Scores are currently in the mid to upper 700's.  So my research seems to suggest that I should qualify.  Problem is I had a repo with ex-wife back in 2010.  FMC filed a default judgement on balance left on repo.  I worked out a settlement on this judgement and paid it off in 2015.


So does anyone have any experience with such a situation or have an opinion on whether I would still qualify for the 0 interest program.


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Re: Ford Credit loan after previous repo with Ford Credit

My wife had a previous repo with Ford Credit in 2007.  When we went in 2016 to finance a brand new ford with ford Credit, there system detected the repo. They said in order to get financing again with ford Credit it would have to be paid off. We said thanks for your time, and they came back within minutes to give us 60 months zero interest without paying that charged off repo. I guess it depends on how bad they want your business.  

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