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Ford credit - How deep are they buying?

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Ford credit - How deep are they buying?

So how is Ford Credit doing with approvals lately? Are they really working with lower scores for leases and purchases?

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Re: Ford credit - How deep are they buying?

All I can tell you is that over the holidays, I easily got approved by Ford Motor Credit for 0% financing for 72 months. They pulled my FICO Auto 8 scores, which at the time were approximately TU: 762; EX: 722; EQ: 751.


The salesperson who took my information didn't seem very concerned. He said FMC wants to facilitate dealers selling cars and has been willing to approve lots of folks lately. They seemed more concerned about income, stability in home ownership and employment, and DTI ratio than credit scores alone. Of course, depending on your credit history, YMMV...


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