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Ford motor credit

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Ford motor credit

I'm 23 currently have a 40k loan at my local credit union with high interest I've had for about 3 months I've had other loans in the past need a truck I've had a truck loan with for about 2 years ago for 2.7 interest on a 45k loan that I payed for 2 years an traded in and I didn't miss a single payment but my score is a lot lower now about a 500 was wondering what's the chances of ford taking me on for a 43k loan on a new truck ?

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Re: Ford motor credit

In my experience, Ford Motor Credit is pretty picky. At the start of the pandemic (when cars were dirt cheap before the shortage) I was going to trade in a car for a 2020 Fusion. Ford Motor Credit wanted a huge down payment but Capital One would do the deal with no money down. I went over to a Toyota Dealer, they did the deal with no money down at a lower rate than Capital One.  I think Capital One would be a good start for you, otherwise maybe try something at a Toyota store? 

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