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Friendly, Supportive, and Respectful -- 2/6/14


Friendly, Supportive, and Respectful -- 2/6/14

Hello folks,


This is an open letter to the entire community.


Recently we've been seeing a decline in general courtesy on this forum; we've strived to make this forum a Friendly, Supportive, and Respectful online resource for credit education and similar topics, and as of late we have been straying from that ideal.  We do not want to see this continue to slide into the typical online community where mostly anything goes, and as such, we are going to be taking more active stance when it comes to handling occurrences of inappropriate material.


From our User Guidelines:


Inappropriate material

In the spirit of a healthy and helpful community, profanity, spam, personal attacks, flaming, and other inappropriate postings are not tolerated.  Such material may be edited or removed, and egregious or repeat offenders will be banned from future participation in myFICO Forums.


This is a violation in accordance with our Terms of Service, specifically:


  • Attacks, including “Flaming” another user or entity in such a way as to incite or perpetuate an argument or conflict; creating usernames to attack other users’ identities; impersonating other individuals or falsely representing one’s identity or qualifications; posts made under secondary user names or other aliases for the purpose of either endorsing or denigrating others; posts that breach any participant’s privacy by including name, address, phone, email address, or any other identifying information.


We don't want to shutdown the discourse of ideas entirely, and some information even when posted perfectly in accordance with our policies will be viewed as negative to certain members: we will continue to apply our admittedly subjective standard of reasonableness in such situations, but we have had recent incidents which have crossed the line, and these we want to eliminate.


For more information, please refer to our User Guidelines and our Terms of Service.


Thank you, and we greatly appreciate everyone's efforts in keeping this forum as a Friendly, Supportive, and Respectful environment!


--Revelate, myFICO moderator

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