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Frustrated with Bridgecrest

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Frustrated with Bridgecrest

Hi, I took out a loan with Bridgecrest in Oct 2015, with 2 exceptions, I have not missed payments. I still owe on my car (2006 Honda Pilot). They told me that my last payment will be in 2021. The bluebook value on the car is only about $1900. I have paid over $16000 and still have more to go. I do not know what to do. Any suggestions?

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Re: Frustrated with Bridgecrest

Not quite sure what you are asking here - you owe money on the loan, so even if you were to turn the car back in at this point they would auction it and sue you for the differance. Only really have 3 options


1) Keep it and continure to pay off the loan until settled.

2) Trade in the car to a dealer and attempt to roll the negative equity into your next car (not recommended)

3) Sell it privatly and put some of your own money in to be able to send the current payoff to the lien holder so they release the title to give to your buyer.

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Re: Frustrated with Bridgecrest

why does an auto lender frustrate you? once again your bill on time and/or early and there's nothing to discuss..note is paid off, title comes to you, relationship is over...what's the issue? seriously folks, stop overcomplicating simple things.

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