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GW example for a Paid off Repo

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GW example for a Paid off Repo

Hello All. Does anyone know how to write a good GW letter for a paid off repossesed auto loan? I had a loan through Toyota Financial, a couple of months ago my car was repoed. They then sold it at Auction for more then what I owed and got the difference back. I wanted to send a letter to Toyota asking them to take out the Repo off my report or state account paid on my report. I know the letter should be in my own words but I needa starting point to go off of. Thanks

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Re: GW example for a Paid off Repo

Sad stories always work, at least they work better than anything else. Your best bet is to write along the lines of something like you are having a very hard time finding an apartment and your credit score is the one thing that is holding you down and if they choose to delete the TL, it would mean a lot to you, both personally and financially.

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