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Goodwill Email Response... Hoping for the Best

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Goodwill Email Response... Hoping for the Best

So I have a redeemed repo reporting on my credit. The loan was paid off and closed in 2017 (it's also reporting incorrectly which is a whole nother mess).


I have been sending goodwill request emails to all of the executives who seemed like they had some pull in this area for about a week and today I received a response. They are looking into seeing what they can "legally" do. I requested a deletion of the tradeline after outlining the situation (had my first child, $87,000 hospital bills (I didn't have to pay all of this thanks to insurance by my annual deductible was maxed out in one day hence the issues), the whole shebang).


I asked they either remove the tradeline or remove negative comments/lates. Here's to hoping they can do something... well not can but will because it's really up to them. I don't think my chances are exactly great since this is one of the smaller more predatory loan companies (thankfully my days of needing them are over) but we shall see.


I will update when I hear something.

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