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Hello...Looking for a New Lease

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Hello...Looking for a New Lease

Hello all, 

I have been searching for a new car in the past few weeks because my lease is currently going back with is a Nissan Maxima in about 2 weeks so I have been searching for all different cars and I had my income increased to 152,000 and I have gotten multiple quotes at delears who do you think made the best one? they all pull my credit and ps i dont have a mortgage or rent 


Mercedes-Benz Financial Services

2013 Mercedes-Benz E550 4MATIC Sedan MSRP: 69,871.00

Tier 1 Lease - Credit Pulled 9/23/12 Auto Enhanced: 723

4,755.11 Total Due at Signing 

869.74/ 36 Month Lease


BMW Financial Services

2013 BMW 550i xDrive Sedan MSRP: $70,095.00

Tier 2 Lease - Credit Pulled 9/27/12

No Money Down - DMV & First Payment

996.3136 Month Lease


I am going more for the mercedes but they are basically the same your thoughts ??


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Re: Hello...Looking for a New Lease

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