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Help Me! Getting Approved fo 75k Car Loan (No Auto History)


Re: Help Me! Getting Approved fo 75k Car Loan (No Auto History)

@kaylord84 wrote:

@Loquat wrote:
I don't think you'll have a problem getting approved with a substantial down payment. You said you're willing to put $15k down will is about 20% and substantially reduces the risk to the lender (which is a very good thing).

You interest rates may not be the best but since you'd be borrowing a lot less than ACV then that'll help you.

Chrysler Capital (Santander) isn't that hard to get an approval from so you may be okay. You also will have the leverage of the dealer if you decide to go with them versus securing your own financing.

I would suggest since you're putting so much down that you look at NFCU, PenFed, or even DCU as you'd probably fare better.

Please do post pics if you decide to move forward with the purchase. I just picked up a new '21 392 Scat Pack Charger about a month ago after my previous was totaled. I absolutely love the car and power. The Hellcat will be even more fun. The thought of SRT being dismantled still makes me way to cry.

Do you mind sharing the lender you used for your purchase? Was it Chrysler Capital if so what was your score at the time? Thanks

I went with PenFed for my loan.  I don't really care for Chrysler Capital (Santander).  PenFed pulled EQ and my score was 781 with them. 

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