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Help! Planning to buy today - BoostUp question


Help! Planning to buy today - BoostUp question

I have a BoostUp account that I funded with $500. Hyundai matches the $500. The dealers I've negotiated with know I have this and have factored it into negotiation. We have said "23,250 out the door". The dealer's written emailed estimate is applying $500 matching in my rebates (totally cool w/that) but is including my $500 down payment to make the car price $23,750 minus my $500 to get to $23,250. OTD should be the COST not including payments I make out of pocket, but... any advice on what to do next?


I'm buying an '18 and they are not in great supply. It's a Saturday and it's raining hard here. Thank you!!

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Re: Help! Planning to buy today - BoostUp question

Just tell them that is what you want.

They will say it’s tight or there isn’t room, etc., but be polite yet firm in your ask. They’ll say they’re going to check with the manager and then come back and I bet they give it to you.

If you’re otherwise committed to buying, they are not going to let this deal go for $500.
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Re: Help! Planning to buy today - BoostUp question

if they get the $500 from the man on the moon they don't long as someone else pays the $500 they don't care where it comes from.

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Re: Help! Planning to buy today - BoostUp question (added lessons learned)

Thanks for the advice. Just a follow up note in case anyone else searches for BoostUp Hyundai account usage. I probably should not have said I had it until I showed up to pay. The dealer(s) wanted to use the $500 to full $1000 (yours and theirs) before the OTD price. So "We agree on $23,250 OTD" morphed into Cost $23,750 minus $500 Hyundai side of BoostUp = $23,250. I was glad that I had pressed several dealers for several rounds and I knew I was getting a solid price even with their tactic. I pressed the last dealer and got a wanted accessory (all weather floor mats). 


Things I learned: Open a BoostUp account the moment it occurs to you you might be using a program that supports it. You have to wait 30 days until you can use the account for purchases. Transfer funds five full business days before you could feasibly need them. The Buy Now button turned green while I was at the dealership. I noticed it was around the same time each day (not first thing in the morning on my account).


I nearly succeeded at modern car buying. I found that it took answering phone calls and talking to a lot of dealers, even after using 2-3 car shopping services. With that I was able to beat the low end price for the car (even adding tax, title, registration, and the accessories). Despite all the advance work, they still really wanted to put me through finance. (I know they can often beat my bank but I'm self-employed and I was plenty happy with my quick click approval from my bank and have suffered the proof of income battle in finance.) They made me wait around for finance and still wanted to try to sell all the warranties. The finance guy even asked me at the conclusion of the sale, "How would you like to make your $500 down payment today?" It was already paid to them through BoostUp - don't get tricked into paying it twice. Since you fund the $500 days before you buy, it'd be easy to fall into that one.


Lastly, I remembered to write a short email thanking the competing sales people and paste it into replies to each of them in email. I let them know that I had finished my purchase and asked to be removed from their list. The reward: no calls today.

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