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Help with GF's Loan

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Re: Help with GF's Loan

Get the actual numbers to cancel.  The warranty as has been pointed out only has exposure after the manufacturers warranty runs out so the maximum value remains outstanding as does the insurer's exposure.  The gap is the opposite, the maximum exposure is immediately after purchase and declines as the payments are made.  The issue is that those costs are front loaded, meaning you have paid maximum interest on the insurance products.


Just figuring you wil get half back likely is not accurate and makes it more difficult to make a decision.  Also will you get cash or will they apply to the loan balance?


MMTT31 wrote:

Thank you for your insight, what you guys have said about extended warranty does make sense and probably she should kepp and knowing her she will want to keep it. But as for the gap insurance, she isnt under water she has about a grand or 2 in positive equity on the car and even though she'll get rougly 350 or so back from that, thats 350 or so she can apply to her priciple. Once again, thank you guys for your help and input's!

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