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Helping Friend (Roadloans Approved) CarMax and Santander still an option?

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Re: Helping Friend (Roadloans Approved) CarMax- UPDATE

LS2982 wrote:
Not sure if it was santander that approved him. If it was then yea that's not too bad but they're known for killing people with APR.

Sorry for confusion with 2 posts with questions...


He was approved at the 12% for the $20k with "CarMax Financial"

Santander/Roadloanes was 18% for $12k


Both are over 72 months but CarMax requires no money down.


After sleeping on it and after pulling credit and letting me look he has decided to give it a month since he will be traveling out of state anyway... and 1 month time and the dispute letters and removal from bad AU accounts, and a new Navy Federal Membership he might find himself in MUCH better score place in November!

oh and approved Capital One Cash (the green one for personal, not sure name.. but it's some sort of Cash) he got approved for $500 instantly after I told him to do pre-approval and he was given 2 chocies, no AF and no rewards or $39AF and rewards... then boom approval... He had NOTHING current,open, in good standing so this will probably deeply help also!

Little mad that he got more from Capital One then I did! LOL

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