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How often are FICO Enhanced Scores Updated?

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How often are FICO Enhanced Scores Updated?

In process of building up my credit before applying for an auto loan. I raised my FICO 8 scores by 30-40 points in the last month, however my FICO enhanced Auto score still has not been updated since 01/29/2019. How often are these scores updated? 

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Re: How often are FICO Enhanced Scores Updated?

Hi Glama -

Only your FICO8s update when alerts are triggered. The enhanced scores will update along with your next 3B report pull - depending on your membership type (ie. monthly, quarterly). To see your updated enhanced scores before then, you have to purchase a new 3B.

Congrats on your score increases / progress so far!!
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Re: How often are FICO Enhanced Scores Updated?

Ah, that makes sense. I need to upgrade to the monthly reports subscription then. Thank you for the expedient response. 

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