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I bought a new truck and didn't know it!

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I bought a new truck and didn't know it!

I went a few weeks ago and was looking at the new Ford F150's. I test drove a couple, and almost bought one. they just didn't wantto give me enough for my trade in, so I decided to wait.
Yesterday i received a welcome packet in the mail from Ford, with my new card, and information on registering my new truck on Ford website. It has the VIN # and everything on it. I never signed anything for delivery ona new truck, and now I'm wonderng if the dealership is trying to get on over on me. Did they register this truck as sold with Ford? I cheked my CR this morning just in case a new account is showing up. Somethingis fishy here! I tried calling the # listed in the welcome packet but they are closed. I freaking out a little right now.
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Re: I bought a new truck and didn't know it!

Read the information they sent you very carefully. Make sure that it's not just some tactic to get you back into the dealership to buy the car. If it says anything about you being the "owner" or "purchaser" of that vehicle, you are probably being swindled. You need to report this as fraud right away. I would continue to call the number that is on the sheet, but don't be panicky when you speak to them. Tell them you are very angry and want an explanation immediately. You might consider going back to the dealership at a busy time (like a Saturday afternoon), letter in hand. Trust me, they do not their other customers thinking that they ripped you off. Either way, if you did not sign a bunch of contracts, you didn't buy a vehicle and you need to make that clear.

You can file a report with the Federal Trade Commission online on by mail.

You can also file a fraud report with the Social Security people if you believe your SS# was used:
- Catz
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