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I need your advice.

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Re: I need your advice.

In july my credit score was 497 and then got my student loans discharged. I had one open collection from a school i owed money to. At the time I didnt know the difference between fico scores and credit karma vantage 3.0. I was using Credit Karma Vantage 3.0 and my banks experian vantage 3.0. After the student loans were discharged my scores went up. In August I traded my Vehicle in and capital one said my credit score was 600. Not sure what CB score they went with. I also got a new CC through Cap One and a motorcycle through USAA all in August.   My sept credit report dropped to 580, then after i had a mortgage loan guy run my credit it dropped to 560 on credit karma. In october my credit scores started going back up and CK had me at 630 on Transunion and 647 on equifax. The mortgage guy ran my credit again at the end of October and my middle mortgage score was 630 with one open collection. I had to pay off the collection and get the late payments removed, but it did not change my score, most likely due to the late payments from my student loans. RIght now my fico mortgage scores are T 630 Euifax the credit destroyer has me at 614 and experian around 647.

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