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Infiniti Lease... No swapping to new owner allowed (Completely)

Epic Contributor

Infiniti Lease... No swapping to new owner allowed (Completely)

To sum up quick... Had been looking at swapalease and it says basically make sure you agree that if you click this and go through with later "swapping" your lease it's against Infiniti's Lease Agreements.  so called up Infiniti and took a few holds for CSR to ask Supervisor (I guess) and finally got from no options AT ALL to you can pay the entire thing, which is all lease payments plus residual (that's fine, I understand that part of a lease so that was me telling him to check again) but then on to the swap deal... they will gladly run someones credit and upon "approval" they will add that person to be primary owner I guess BUT if this person falls behind and the car is taken, you will still be responsible.

So then quick call to swapalease, after having some heated "arguments" back and forth (That's what we agreed upon at end of the call, in the end I was glad that he was willing to go to battle with me and not hang up on me but also to restate a couple statements and I came down on a couple of my "WRONG" type statements to him... So actually all said and done seems like a pretty good company to me now just because he stuck it out and I think we got the middle line of actual truth for both of us!


Anyway... seems it's pretty rare that a company does this... Infiniti he says is one of the very few and he insists that Infiniti would be WAY STRICTER on approval for this "person" to be primary for my car then they were for me (not sure how much I totally agree with it but it did kind of make sense) but for now think it's a hold now.


Anyone else have issue with another bank to do this or with Infiniti?

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