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IpreCheck Auto Loan pre-qualification

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IpreCheck Auto Loan pre-qualification

So I'm surfing the web looking to get the best deal on a new car. I ran across this Kia dealership that offered pre-approval via IpreCheck. It was kind of like some of the credit cards you can get with the"shopping cart trick". Enter your information and I guess it does a soft pull at first. I entered my address and only last four of my social security number To my surprise I was pre-qualified for $45000 at 3.9-5.9%.

Has anyone used this to purchase a new or used car. The reason I am concerned is I am actually working on rebuilding my credit and still have a Repo that falls off in Feb 2019. It also says my TransUnion score is 639. I called a dealership and talked with them about it. Of course we all know how that goes. I was told that it was ligit and the vehicle and mileage determined the actual interest rate but it wouldn't be higher than what I was quoted unless my score changed a bit over the time I was approved until the time I actually purchase.

So any experience with IpreCheck Kia auto lending????? Thanks
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