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Key Bank auto loan payment to principal

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Key Bank auto loan payment to principal

Recently bought a car for the first time in YEARS (we've been leasing and moved so the mileage limitations were going to present a problem). The first statement came the other day from Key Bank and had an enclosure/form for making add'l payments to principal.  I don't recall ever seeing a lender enclose a form like that, but I thought it was cool.  We have talked about making add'l payments, so it may come in handy.



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Re: Key Bank auto loan payment to principal

Key Bank is very accomodating for most things. Key is very conservative. Overall branch services are excellent. The brokerage guys who call you and talk your ears off trying to sell things that generate commissions and are not in the customers best interest are annoying. There is usually a new guy every six months. With that exception I like Key Bank.

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