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Kia Finance account closed remark added

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Kia Finance account closed remark added

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this or not. In May I traded in my 2015 Sportage lease. The dealership bought it out and I bought a 2019 sportage. I just got a notification that the account has been closed on my Equifax (which I expected, as, well, it should be closed), but, also they added a "comment" that it was a "lease - early termination". They have the Activity Designator listed as "Paid and Closed" do I need to worry about this comment and/or is it something I should dispute as it wasn't an early termination, it was a buyout by the dealership?

Thank you!

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Re: Kia Finance account closed remark added

Bump. Anyone? It doesn't seem like the account status is listed as anything negative, but, the remark concerns me because it's incorrect.

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Re: Kia Finance account closed remark added

You can try to dispute it but technically the note is correct.  Regardless of how the lease was terminated it was, in fact, terminated. 


I can tell you that we sold a Toyota a year early on a lease, it is only listed as Paid and Closed, nothing about early termination.  

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