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Kia Financial - denial?

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Kia Financial - denial?

Last week I purchase a 2nd car through Volkswagen Credit (shows up on my credit report now) - a few days later I thought I would trade in my Jeep since it has been having problems for a Kia and have the negaitive equity rolled over to a new car loan. I think I am stuck in Yo-Yo Financing - Kia Financial checked my credit yesterday (no one from finance called me) -- today I received a missed call from the dealership but the finance manager said he wasn't the one who called me but stated before hanging up that I needed to remove the freeze from Experian and Equifax (Kia pulled TransUnion) because Kia wanted to see those reports? Not sure what's going on and hate this deal is still pending - VW Credit closed the deal the following day not sure why this Kia deal is taking so long - let alone leaving my credit reports unlocked so they can run a unlimited number of inquires disturbs me. 


Advise, or experiences? 


My transunion report they pulled was over 700 - Equifax was over 680 and Experian was 500 (there is a disputed collection item that doesn't belong to me) -- I have zero liabilites beside the car payments (no credit cards) and my income is over $76,000. 

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Re: Kia Financial - denial?

You kind of answered your own question towards the end. It’s very common to pull credit multiple times (different lenders, different credit score programs) through multiple credit bureaus when applying for auto loans. The fact you have two frozen usually means something is being hidden. Sometimes, such as your case, some things are on some reports but not on another. Seeing them all gives them a FULL evaluation of your credit history. Explain to them the reasons as you have here on why those scores are bad on the other reports and usually you can get them to go off just the one report. Good Luck!

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