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Land Rover Lease- Which Version of FICO Auto?

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Land Rover Lease- Which Version of FICO Auto?

Does anyone happen to know what version of FICO Auto scoring Land Rover lease financing uses?


I'm looking to lease but my Auto Score 8 scores are MUCH higher (like 60-80 points difference!!) than my Auto Score 5,4 & 2..... so trying to find out if anyone knows which version of the auto score they pull.  


My 5, 4 & 2 scores - EQ 696; TU 690; EX 712

Fico 8 scores:  EQ 763; 764; EX 713

Fico 9 scores:  EQ 779; 762; 735


As you can see the huge variation in scores is why I'm asking! Smiley Happy


Any recent experience or info would be helpful!

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Re: Land Rover Lease- Which Version of FICO Auto?

My friend is an underwriter for JLR Financial. She says they use FICO 9 Auto Enhanced

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Re: Land Rover Lease- Which Version of FICO Auto?

I spoke with (2) Land Rover dealerships on the Velar. I made them ask the finance manager directly, as most sales reps don't know.  They want you to submit a credit app, which is not right.  If you are shopping different brands, try to call and get the finance manager on the phone, to see which bureau they pull from, which scoring model they use and they ask them what the tiers are.  It can make a HUGE difference in your monthly payment, when you go from a Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Here in Sarasota and Ft Lauderdale, they use Chase Finance for leasing:

They pull from Equifax using FICO Auto Score 9. These are the tiers:


700+= tier 1

680 to 699 tier2

660 to 679 tier3

659 or below tier4


This takes a lot of work to get the bureau they pull from, the scoring model and the tier levels.  But once you get those and get a quote from them, you will have a better idea on the payments and you can make a better informed decision on which car to get. 


On the Velar, I was looking at the 2019 Velar P250 R Dynamic.  Ask the dealership or sales rep what Money Factor and residual they are using to get the lease pricing. Some dealerships mark this up to pad more profit.  There are forums out there where you can post the months, mileage, year make and trim of the vehicle you are looking to lease and people will reply back to you with the Money Factor and residual based on the area you live and the make/year/trim of the car you are looking at.


There's a way to beat the dealerships, don't let them rip you off.  They usually try to when you are not at Tier 1, perfect score.  

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Re: Land Rover Lease- Which Version of FICO Auto?

Thank you!!!! I just finally got my dealership to give me some detailed info and it’s similar to what you just noted. My FICO auto score 8 and 9 are in the mid 700s. (746/766) and since I was ordering my new vehicle (the 2020 discovery sport) we priced out the options/packages and lease pricing to find the package with the lowest lease price based on return resale.

My dealer here in Minneapolis, MN told me that they use Chase as well for leasing, but that they use FICO auto score 8. And told me that anything over 700 was tier 1, so it didn’t matter how much over 700. So I have some wiggle room.

You’re right, they weren’t prepared to answer most of my questions at my first visit. But when I showed them the variation between FICO 2/4 and FICO 8/9 they understood why I was asking so went and got me the answers.

Made me a little nervous when they said Chase was the financier. Chase and I haven’t always had the best “relationship”.......but strangely enough Chase just upped my CL on my chase card by $5000 without me asking (after 4 yrs of me asking and getting declined!!) so they must finally be “over it” haha.

So I pulled the trigger and placed the order. It arrives the end of December!! 😁

Current FICO Scores: EQ749; TU732; EX733
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Re: Land Rover Lease- Which Version of FICO Auto?

Awesome, congrats!   Smiley Happy

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Re: Land Rover Lease- Which Version of FICO Auto?

Congratulations 🎉🍾🎈🎊

That’s amazing detective work FICO 9 good to know and Chase Is the Leasing Agent for JL!
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