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Lease Specials?? How likely?

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Lease Specials?? How likely?

Good Morning Fico Friends!

I have a question about leasing a basic 4 door family hauler.  Make/models i'm comparing include the onles listed below.


 I couldn't find any advertised factory lease specials for the Ford Fusion-

Chevrolet Malibu-

Chrysler 200-

which I'm also considering.


 My question is, what's the likelihood of actually being able to attain such pricing when it comes down to actually signing the deal? I'm really concerned that it's just a bait and switch, and the advertised pricing is only good on like 1 vehicle in all of southern California.  Can some of you more experienced car buyers help out a newbie?  What has been your experience with factory advertised pricing?


p.s. I'm technically not a newbie car buyer, but the last BRAND NEW vehicle I purchased was a 1993 Ford Ranger! :-}



Nissan Altima:  $189-36 months  2,500 down

Honda Accord: $199- 36 months  2,000 down

Subaru Legacy $189-36 months 1869 down

Volkswagen Passat $ $189-36 months 2,000 down


Thanks a bunch!

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Re: Lease Specials?? How likely?

Very likely with Nissan and Honda. Anyone of those deals could probably be done with $0 down too. Maybe some extra research and negotiating will get you a payment better than the advertised specials. Good luck.
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Re: Lease Specials?? How likely?

I am not sure about how likely but one small piece of advise that I learnt after a lot of research is try NOT to put any money down on a lease.


Given that the montly payments might be higher but if the car gets into an accident (hopefully not ever) during the lease term the insurance pays for only the depriciated value and you loose your deposit.

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