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NFCU Refi in 48hrs!

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NFCU Refi in 48hrs!

I app'd late Saturday night, got an email Sunday afternoon asking for POI and bank statements (which I emailed), signed my loan documents electronically at 6am Monday morning! Check is being over-nighted via FedEx, should have it by Tuesday (tomorrow) by 4pm.

I refinanced my 2014 BMW 528i from 7.49% to 2.49% with Navy; my payments are now $397, which will save me about $178 a month, and I have 18 months left on the note. This was my second app for a refi. I didn't have enough history with them the first time I applied, only 6 months with my checking/savings/$15,000 LOC, now I have just over a year of history with them.

I have no late pays, collections, charge-offs, judgements or liens; however, I do have high utilization spread over many cards. Navy pulled TU and that score is 634 (MyFico)  Smiley Frustrated I'm working to get my utilization paid down by December.

My monthly income is $9985 (salary) + $500 (Uber/Lyft) = $10,485/mo.

I have applied three times for a credit card with Navy, but each time instantly declined. I've pretty much given up on that.

I hope this helps. If I forgot anything let me know.Smiley Wink

May 2013 Starting Scores: 540's-570's
July 2016 Scores: 654-705 ...No Lates, CA's or CO's, new car + high Util
Current Cards: SDFCU Secured ($300); Logix Secured ($500); Tobyhanna/Penfed FCU ($5000); NFCU CLOC ( $15,000); NFCU Refi ($18,144) Sony Visa ($3000); Apple PC'd to Rewards MC ($1200); Barclay Rewards MC ($1300); B&N ($500); Discover ($1000); 'Credit Steps' ($2300), QS One ($750);Care Credit ($9000); US Bank Platinum ($5000); Fifth Third SU2C ($3000); Kay's/Jared's ($4700); Target ($2000); Fingerhut/Gettington ($2250); **All my favorite retail cards ($61,000)..Luv'Em..they get heavy use!
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Re: NFCU Refi in 48hrs!

Congrats! A 5% reduction will go a long way! LOVE NFCU!!!

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