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NFCU refinance denial


NFCU refinance denial

Recently appd to finance a differnt vehicle with current trade in, denied. As a result, I appd to refinance my current vehicle. Denied.


I had just gotten approved for a 20,000 credit limit so I figured my chances were good.  Got a letter saying my internal score is a 330 out of 100-450. Exp: 577 Trans: 600 Equ: 610. 0 collections, 0 utilization, 2 closed past due loans of 1k. So I sent them a secured message asking for reconsideration.  They responded with:


"In order to be considered for an appeal to your recently declined loan application, a new application must be entered for a second review. To expedite the appeals process, please submit the request by speaking with a Consumer Loans Specialist. A written appeal is not needed. Please visit your nearest Navy Federal branch during regular business hours or call our Contact Center at -----. Follow the prompts for Consumer Lending and ask to speak with a Consumer Loans Specialist. ........"

I called them and spoke to a consumer loans specialists and he said to send proof or documentation to this email ---------. then to call back and request a appeal and they'll do another app.  


What? Can anyone with experience related to this help please.

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Re: NFCU refinance denial

Just out of curiousity, what was the reason for the denial? 

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Re: NFCU refinance denial

NFCU does weird things sometimes. They denied me for a CLOC, then a month or so later I refinanced my truck and was approved after they pulled a carfax and hit my TU. 

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