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NMAC Late Payments

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NMAC Late Payments

First time post here for me.

I am had some financial struggles back in 2016/2017. I had several card charge offs and was always paying my Mortgage and Car payment at the 29 day late mark to avoid a 30 day on those 2. I was able to keep my mortgage current, and I thought my car current. Fast forward to now and I am in a much better financial position. I have paid all the CC CO’s and am focused on rebuilding my credit that I destroyed.

My question here is specific to NMAC. As I said above, I was sure to make my payments online with NMAC around the 29th day after the payment was due to avoid a 30 day late mark. I would make my payment, receive a confirmation email that stated “your payment has been scheduled” and show the date. Nissan would sometimes wait 3 days before accepting that payment and would list the later date as the date of payment, thus over 30 days late. I have 12 late payments over a 2 yr period due to this.

Q: Is that acceptable payment date posting or should I dispute and submit the email confirmations with my dispute?

P.S. I have disputed once without any back up and nothing was changed other than a note that customer disagrees on my report.

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Re: NMAC Late Payments

Paying on day 29 or even 27 is playing with fire.  When you are doing these payments through this system your scheduling them, if the payment is on a non-business day its not going to get posted in time most likely.  I would do all you can to get on a schedule where you are paying closer to on time otherwise your likely to get more 30 day lates.  I have plenty from about 4-5 years ago from this very scenario and they continue to haunt me, not as much as when they were new but its tough to rebuild with a bunch of 30 day lates in your history.  I had no luck getting mine removed through the dispute process either.

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Re: NMAC Late Payments

I made an account for the sole purpose of replying to you. DISPUTE DISPUTE DISPUTE.

Occasionally I have to play the dangerous game of making a payment to NMAC on the 29th day. The day I make my payment is the effective date. I've never had an issue with this until June 2019. I called Nissan the second I noticed they reported my June payment late and they agreed that it was a mistake and removed the late from my report. I think you should do the same.
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