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Navy Federal Auto Loan!

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Navy Federal Auto Loan!

Hey yall. Found out Navy federal pulls from transunion, BUt does anyone know what version they use for an auto loan? will be a used vehicle. THANKS

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Re: Navy Federal Auto Loan!

Over the years its been mostly TU & EQ. FICO8 Fico Auto 8 and FICO5. Plus they have their own internal scoring process. Its 50/50. May just be TU with a double check on EQ if TU doesnt fully satisfy them. So it could be both. But things change alot in the credit world.

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Re: Navy Federal Auto Loan!

ive confirmed with a rep its transunion 100% BUT i dont know which version of transunion itll be

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Re: Navy Federal Auto Loan!

I do believe it can alternate what they are going to pull as already mentioned.  I just got a new car July 27 and I do believe they pulled a much older model on me which is 

TU Fico score 98 ClassicFico 98336 - 843 

It is the only model in FICO with that scoring range(real world scoring)


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Re: Navy Federal Auto Loan!

They pulled my Transunion mortgage (Fico 4) score.

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