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Navy Federal Auto———-UPDATEDenied

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Navy Federal Auto———-UPDATEDenied

Recently joined Navy a few months back and opened a Rewards Card SL $500, nothing to scream about but glad to be in the door. Current DP are 684 Fico8 - 645 Auto Score 8 647 Auto Score 2, the reason for my post is I received a high interest auto loan in Sept of 18 while i was in the low 500's, and want to either refinance or get a new loan and trade in the crappy deal i got. Just got pinged a TU hit for my app with NFCU (In TX) which I thought was rare but TU is my lowest score of the 3, EQ696, EX 684, TU 617. Do you guys think they will approve? let me know if any other data is needed.


Not sure why but I guess I’ll have to wait for the letter, really bummed but will just keep pushing forward.

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Re: Navy Federal Auto———-UPDATEDenied

Hey! A lot of us have been there and done that. NFCU is an AMAZING CU. But they like time as they use internal scores and low DTI to approve more than anything. I would give them 6-8 months before trying again.

$500 SL is NFCU saying "HEY we appreciate your membership and choosing us. Now show us you can handle large SL in the future"

Also, the auto loan department and the CC department are different. I'm assuming it's recent late payments or DTI related. But without more DP's we cannot help you my friend Smiley Happy
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