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Navy Federal vs Lexus Financial Please Help :)

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Navy Federal vs Lexus Financial Please Help :)

I haven't financed a car in over 25 years. The last car I financed way back in the 90's was with Ford Motor Credit. 


My daughter and I would like to purchase a Lexus ES350 (2013 or 2014) (We both have older Lexus products and we LOVE Lexus)


Does anyone know which credit bureau Navy Federal pulls for car loans(Not refinance)  ? vs which one does Lexus pull?  


I do not want to walk into a dealer and have them attack our credit with a zillion hard pulls.


We are trying to figure out who would have a better chance of getting approved. 


My scores as of today are: 

Experian 662

Equifax  630

TransUnion 620


My daughter's scores:

Experian 670

Equifax  625

TransUnion 684



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Re: Navy Federal vs Lexus Financial Please Help :)

Navy has the loan on my Lexus and I'm a big fan of both😃

Not sure which CB Lexus Financial pulls but Nfcu generally pulls EFX for loan products

1) It should be noted that once the pull happens with Navy it can also be used to app for a LOC, which maybe be helpful and an added bonus just FYI

2) Unlike blindly going into a dealer and getting shotgunned all over town, at least if you app both places it would be a max of 2 pulls because neither is gonna 'shop' your will one and done either way.

3) Either profile may be approved but honestly with score alone it's impossible the intelligently comment on which of the two would garner the best terms
Things like debt to income, other obligations on said profile, sometimes past auto payment history etc all may affect the terms offered but generally both those profiles seem in the same tier IMO

Again not seeing/knowing anything else about each profile such as financials

It sounds like you guys are purchasing a car as a joint asset and based upon the limited info doesn't seem like either profile is so much better or worse than the other, so if I'm assuming correctly about the joint thing it appears both can go on without hurting the file and perhaps having both incomes may help.

Best of Luck
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Re: Navy Federal vs Lexus Financial Please Help :)

When I went to lease a LX570 back in 2013 they pulled all three and the finance guy said they will use the highest score, which at the time was my TU at 730 and he said 720 or higher is all you need for the best tier. Since it was a lease they only pulled me twice (dealer did and then Toyota financial did). Not sure if it still works the same or not. Also they might finance you with a 3rd party bank. Also note to ask them if the interest rate they quoted you is the approved rate or the dealer kick back rate. I have a friend that sells Mclaren, Bentley, rolls Royce, etc. and he says often times his clients are approved for 2-3% and he comes back at 4% and keeps the difference for himself. 

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Re: Navy Federal vs Lexus Financial Please Help :)

Just bought a new Lexus RX 350 (my first Lexus). Lexus Financial pulled Experian for me (in Michigan).

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Re: Navy Federal vs Lexus Financial Please Help :)

awp317, you are referring to the "buy rate".  Thats the rate the bank actually bought you at.  Then like you said, finance guys can up that and keep the difference for the life of the loan.  Nice thing is though, they get charged back if you pay it off early.

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Re: Navy Federal vs Lexus Financial Please Help :)

Thank you all! I keep forgetting to put income. 77k a year

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Re: Navy Federal vs Lexus Financial Please Help :)

Your scores are good enough for an auto loan and  should be consdiered a Tier 2 . Get prequalified with couple banks before walking in to a dealership though.

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Re: Navy Federal vs Lexus Financial Please Help :)

I just refinanced both of my cars through NFCU today and they pulled TU for me. They seem to pull EQ for membership and TU for consumer loan products.
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Re: Navy Federal vs Lexus Financial Please Help :)

That's so weird , it's the other way around for us , TU for Memebership and CC products and EQ for laon with Navy Fed, we are planning to app for an auto loan also next mth and are going to start with Navy , have a couple of back up plans from there bc lime you said we are not going to deal with the dealerships attacking our credit files , had that happend to us bf we knew anything about it all and ended up with 20 inquiries just from car shopping in Jan of this year 😠
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