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Need ideas for quick credit boost

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Need ideas for quick credit boost

I really need a new car. I've been going to school without taking school loans and have been working full time. . . everything was going good until my car failed smog, something that's over a 2k job to fix for the great state of ca.


I have 3 active credit cards with a 6yr history, last month I paid all of them to 50% availability but when I pulled my experian I had a 560 this month, showing that I had less than a 100 available on 2 of the 3. I used Quizel to retrieve that report.


I used to carry more credit cards but they are closed (5 of them) due to grantors request when i hit a patch in '09. None of them have balances and were paid off that year as well.


I used to have great credit before 09', a (740 trans-730 equifax) and I cosigned a car for someone. The person is unable to get the car refianced into their name, but has only been late 1 back in 07 on payments. For my knowledge now, that loan was ridiculous, but at least there's only a year left to pay it off.


Waiting isnt really an option because I need a car now, or I just dump more money into my current vechile for another 4 months (at best).

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Re: Need ideas for quick credit boost

Capital One might finance you.

Otherwise you just have to hope your auto enhanced fico is higher since you have a good car loan for last 3 years and I would go Toyota or Nissan, they will dip down to 600 and Nissan still offers great rates that low.

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Re: Need ideas for quick credit boost

If your negative items on your report are very few.  Have a family member add you to her credit card account.  A major credit card thats been open for a long time with no late payments and low balance.  It should help out a lot. 

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