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Negotiating Question

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Negotiating Question

I am interested in purchasing the 2014 Mustang v6 manual, completely base model... MSRP $22,995.


Does the ability to negotiate down price on these cars exist? I am seeking to negotiate down to at least $21,000 or lower. Possible?

Latest FICO Score(s): EQ 726 (Lender, 6/13), EX 672 (Dealer, v3 Auto, 5/13), TU 702 (Dealer, Auto 04, 5/13)

U.S. Bank Cash Rewards ($1000), Capital One Visa Platinum ($750), Discover it for Students ($650), American Express Green (NPSL), DCU Visa Platinum ($3000).
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Re: Negotiating Question

Check out true car to give you an idea of market value.

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     $17k       $8.5K          Closed          $19k      $6.5k        $24.2k        Closed         $5k       Closed     $8.5k        Closed      @2.49%
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Re: Negotiating Question

Dealerships can often sell a car below invoice and _still_make_money.   I really enjoyed reading this site/article.


Edit: I just saw you said, negotiate down. You negotiate up, not down.  Buyer and seller meet in the middle. Figure out how much you want to pay after tax title and license are included. Is that $22,000 or $23,000? Well, then calculate what the car price would need to be to before TTL.  Just to make this easy, we'll say $19,500 would get me to about $22k after TTL.  I'd walk in and start off at ~$19k.  Come up a few dollars if I need to negotiate. If negotiations do go up to $19,500, then I'd stop and would have to be prepared to walk out without a car. I reached my limit.

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