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New Loan and Refi

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New Loan and Refi

So my wife and I have been talking about buying a travel trailer for a year or so and decided on a Hartland Mallard m26. Went to Camping World 2 weeks ago and decided to app. In retrospect we should of did this a month ago as my credit score dropped 35 point on all 3 cb's due to my oldest account dropping off. I app'ed with score of 728,728 and 730. 


I told the salesman right up front that I wanted a payment of $250ish and well, I then lied to them and said I had solid prequal offers from several lenders at 5% with a emphissis on STCU...Of course I did not. Filled out app and left dealership waiting on the results. A week later with only 5 hp I was called back to the dealership to sign.


Was approved with STCU at 4.75% for 14 years, payment of 286 a month! A win in my book. I then used the same HP with STCU and refied my truck loan of 9.35% down to 5.49%. Another win in my book. My relationship with STCU started in December with a 10k credit card. I love STCU. Next on my list is a Heloc, just unsure of when I should app due to my recent auto loan apps. I bought my house in June 2020 for 185k and after 9 months It's valued at 235k with no remodel done.

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