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Nfcu auto loan??

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Nfcu auto loan??

I just got approved for a $6k cl nfcu cc. My cs is eq 584 ex 620 tu not sure. I'm in need of a new car. what are my chances of getting approve for an auto loan with these score and how generous is nfcu with auto loan? I know they are very nice with cc. Should I wait to rebuild for several months before I go for the auto? Thanks in advance. 

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Re: Nfcu auto loan??

If you have a branch near you then print a copy of your Equifax credit report (Hopefully from this site so it has an accurate score) and sit down with a loan officer to see what they say. You may also be able to call their customer service line and have them direct you to the right person to help you on the phone. If your credit card approval was fairly recent they may still be able to review the information in their files. NFCU is very generous in working with people to rebuild from issues with other lenders. Worst case scenario you may need to wait a few months and show them some responsible behavior.


There is some unproven evidence that having an active banking relationship with them such as direct deposit and their being your primary bank seems to benefit your chances of approvals. I was not an ideal credit candidate when I switched to them about 3 years ago. Now I have the NAVCHECK LOC at max, a high limit CC and an offer sitting out there for a preapproved auto loan. And I am in the process of refinancing my VA mortgage with them. They are super friendly to work with.

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Re: Nfcu auto loan??

It's going to depend what your overall credit looks like. More then likely, it will be a manual review.

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Re: Nfcu auto loan??

I was just approved 3 days ago for a $22,500 auto loan with them.  its 13.49% APR but with my credit score im just glad to be approved

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Re: Nfcu auto loan??


2jst4me wrote:

I was just approved 3 days ago for a $22,500 auto loan with them.  its 13.49% APR but with my credit score im just glad to be approved


They approved you for a auto loan for $22.5K based on a 568 fico score?

Very nice my friend, if I may ask what are your derogs on your CR?


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