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Paying in Cash and Credit Reports

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Paying in Cash and Credit Reports

Hi everyone. I will be buying a car in the next few months and will be paying in cash. I am adamant that no dealership pulls my credit reports. Should I freeze my reports prior to visiting any of them?

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Re: Paying in Cash and Credit Reports

you can just in case

but since you are paying in cash, when they ask about financing, say it is not needed


make sure you check every piece of paper you sign and look for anything relating to a credit check



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Re: Paying in Cash and Credit Reports

You can freeze them if you don't want them to access your reports. However, know that most dealers will refuse to sell if they can't verify who you are.

More importantly, depending on how much you're spending, the IRS requires I believe form 8300 to be completed.

Do know that there are ways for dealerships to verify your identify without having to pull your credit reports. Lots of dealers will claim that this is the only way but know that there are other options...however they may not want to explore them which is completely up to them.
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Re: Paying in Cash and Credit Reports

My research indicates that an 8300 is only required if you are paying with cash money, not with a cashier's check or personal check. Since I am not applying for a loan my drivers license and birth certificate should be enough to verify my identity. Many dealerships use the "verifying identity" excuse to pull your reports and insist you take their financing. Obviously the face on my driver's license will match the one in front of them. I May have to visit several dealerships to find one that will not specifically require a hard pull on a credit bureau.

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