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PenFed is AMAZING!!!! Logix, not some much...

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PenFed is AMAZING!!!! Logix, not some much...

I just had to come on here and give some love out to PenFed. They are an amazing institution. Great rates, honest, and detailed. I just got a loan through PenFed on my dream car (1999 Corvette with only 33,000 miles!!!) I orginally had a loan through Logix aka Lockheed Credit Union. My first tip to something being wrong with Logix should have been that they use Experian but I digress, the lady that helped me approved me instantly and that was it. No discussion of terms other than it being 2.9% @ 60 month, nothing just here is your loan go shopping. After test driving 10 cars and giving her 10 VIN's I settled on one and she told me everything was great submit the PO. I submitted the PO after 3 days of late nights and haggling at multiple dealerships. She then calls me back to tell me her mistake she can't finance the 1999. I was angry because the deal was done, all the time I wasted, and she never hinted to me that it would be an issue. After sobbing and freaking out for about 15 minutes I got a tip to call PenFed (Pentagon Federal Credit Union). I was approved for a "Classic Car Loan" (they use Equifax) which covered my 99 Vette. Then the rates came in and I did a double take. Zero Down, 1.49% APR, for 60 Months, just like that. Needless to say, I faxed them the PO and as soon as the checks are here I will be driving my dream car!!! I will also be refinancing my mortgage through them in a few months and moving my bank accounts from BofA to them. PenFed is great everyone! If you qualify I seriously recommend checking them out.


Also, NEVER shop at Puente Hill Hyundai. They are crooks.

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Re: PenFed is AMAZING!!!! Logix, not some much...

Congrats penfed is good. I got approved for 40K last year, but I chose USAA over them.

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Re: PenFed is AMAZING!!!! Logix, not some much...

That's great, congrats! Enjoy the Corvette. Smiley Happy

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Re: PenFed is AMAZING!!!! Logix, not some much...

Thank you! This site has really changed my life! I went from being a credit junkie to a credit king!!! Because of MyFICO I am now a home owner and have great credit!!! Thank you MyFICO!

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