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PenFed uses which score?

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PenFed uses which score?

Planning on refinancing my car and I keep hearing PenFed has great rates. I heard they pull EQ 9. Does anyone know if that's a regular FICO 9 or specifically the Auto 9 score? My EQ Auto 9 is at 755, so I'm hoping it's that one. Other scores range from 730-745. 

Likelihood of qualifying for their lowest rates on a 755 score? No baddies, utilization will be under 5% at time of app in the next few weeks.


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Re: PenFed uses which score?

Can't speak to the rate that you'd get but I don't think with your scores that you'd have a problem with getting approved for a refinance as long as you DTI is in check.

As for the score I know they use EQ 9, not the auto score. Best of luck to you if you decide to move forward.
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Re: PenFed uses which score?

for me it is EQ F9 auto on my truck loan when i applied for loan....i have an auto loan and savings account with a " check your score" and it is  closer to my auto score than standard F9.....maybe if if i had CC with them it would be different idk


 F9 is 742 and  F9 auto is 756....pen fed has me @ 752


when i first got the loan my F9 scores were farther apart and it was closer to auto score than std score.......F9 was like 723 and F9 auto was 742 they had me @ 739.....just my experience


not a huge seperation but i just missed the next tier i think.....

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