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Penfed experiences?

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Penfed experiences?

I sold my car earlier this year and currently drive my dads truck, Which I paid for insurance until March or May of 2014... I want to purchase my own car by then, I'm really liking Penfed, But I know I'd get denied since I couldn't even get approved for the CC.


Has anyone had an experience with PenFed auto loans? What was your CS at the time of the approval? or if you were declined, What was the reason?


I really REALLY like the 1.99% APR.*****$20,000***********$6,500************$4,100************$3,500***********$2,500************$1,000****
EQ - 688 (10/9/13) | TU - 705 (02/18/14) | EX - 701 (10/9/13) | CS Fako - 717 (10/4/13) | CK Fako - 697 (11/05/13)
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