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Planning to finance new car, good rate?

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Re: Planning to finance new car, good rate?

DaveSignal wrote:

AAFES (army and air force exchange service) is getting the custom ordered US-spec car for me and delivering it to me in England. $350 is about what my monthly payment is with 60 month financing. I did just call NFCU though, and they have offered me 2.09%. They are mailing me a check tomorrow.... only issue is that it will probably take a couple weeks to get here. I think this is a good rate, though. I am going back to the AAFES dealer and if he can beat 2.09%, I will finance with him. Otherwise, it looks like I am waiting for the NFCU check to arrive.


This Fiesta ST is gonna be sweet! It is just under $25k with the Recaro seats and painted wheels, but I want that stuff! Since I plan on around 5k downpayment, I got the loan for $20k. I told them I would think about the GAP insurance that they tried to sell me. Should I add that on?

well perfect... I would go with Navy, that will be a great relationship to continue to grow!

I would also go ahead and take the gap since it's only what $249?

after taxes and such you are really only putting like $2k+ towards prinsiple and the gap would kick in if the car was totaled and insurance said the value wasn't the entire loan amount you owe... so for a couple hundred dollars you might be upide down on value to your new loan for a year or more so take it and then nothing to worry about no matter what.. plus it's put into your loan so probably $4 month!

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