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Purchased new car and now worried.

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Purchased new car and now worried.

I had a year left of payments on my previous car with a monthly payment of 370, I just bought a new SUV for 25k with monthly payments of 450. Will my score drop? I have a 619 (EQ) 644 (TU) and 673 (EXP). I just have two other low limit CCs with a utilization at 4%

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Re: Purchased new car and now worried.

You shouldn't see any score drop due to the increased payment or installment loan balance. Also, closing one loan and opening a new one should have minimal effect as well.
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Re: Purchased new car and now worried.

Your score might go down a bit from the new account. That will reduce your AAoA.


Also, your score might drop a bit from the higher utilization on the loan. Although, utilization on installment loans is weighted much less than utilization on revolving debt.


All in all, not a big deal. No worries. Just work on getting that loan paid down as fast as you can. Pay often and pay a lot.

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