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Question about getting wife's auto loan into my name

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Question about getting wife's auto loan into my name

Hi all, I did some searching but couldn't come up with any definitive answers. Basically now that my credit is good I'd like to get my truck loan put into my name and taken off of my wife's name. Basically my credit was pretty bad about a year ago and my wife had to finance my truck in her name through our local credit union. As a result, even though she has excellent credit she also has a lot of debt in her name with both of our vehicles being in her name.


So my question is, does this work like a refinance, or would it work more like I am actually purchasing the vehicle from her?


The reason I'm concerned is because of a new Georgia law regarding vehicle purchases. Now all vehicles purchased since the beginning of 2012 can waive the yearly ad valorem tax if you paid sales tax on the vehicle, which she did since it was through a dealership. Now if I have to purchase the truck from her to get it in my name that would mean I'd have to possibly pay state sales tax on it again to continue to not have to pay the yearly ad velorem. I hope that makes sense.


Anyways, how does that usually work when you want to transfer an auto loan out of a spouses name? We'd be going through the same local credit union it's currently financed through and that we're both joint members of with checking/savings accounts.



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Re: Question about getting wife's auto loan into my name

All you are doing is refinancing the vehicle into your name.

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