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Recent Infiniti Q50 Hybrid or the new Q60 Hybrid?


Re: Recent Infiniti Q50 Hybrid or the new Q60 Hybrid?

Some of these hybrids don't get great mileage. The optima gets similar mileage, within 5-10mpg, which is not going to make a cost difference in the real world when you add in an increased payment.


If you really, really want something fuel efficient, then buy a Prius C. Big rebates right now, 45/53mpg, and the top trim comes with leather/nav/sunroof/etc.


That being said. I have had luxury cars a LONG time, and my newest car is a 2013 Rav4. Cloth seats, no navigation, etc.


Want to know why? The fancy nav/apps/etc stuff doesn't work 3 years from now when you have a new phone, the maps have all been updated and you don't have the update, etc. 


It took me buying a 1998 beater car to commute in and beat up with miles, that reset my expectations and I realized that I would be just as happy without leather seats and with an aftermarket satellite radio and using my phone for nav. I just want you to see that you don't NEED that stuff. Similarly, do you really need 4x4? My rav is AWD but only because they are impossible to drive FWD. If I recall you're in CA, do you really need a 4x4?


Realistic expectations will help you get a car you're actually happy with and then you won't feel the need to trade them out constantly.

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Re: Recent Infiniti Q50 Hybrid or the new Q60 Hybrid?

IME you simply add the $5k to the Capitalized Cost price, then refigure the lease payment with the higher vehicle cost.  This works only if they would add it on top, you'll likely have to put a bigger down.

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